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Beach restoration on Shaw Island with Friends of the San Juans

Salmon in the Classroom

With a generous donation from Dr. Carolyn Haugen, students are working with the San Juan Nature Institute to participate in the "Salmon in the Classroom" program. Working with visiting scientist, Noreene Ignelzi, students are engaged in lively discussions, experiments, dissections, and of course, hatching salmon eggs.


Topics covered include salmon species in the Pacific Northwest, life cycle of these anadromous fish, morphology and anatomy of salmon, and an experiment to determine the effect of temperature on available oxygen (using feeder goldfish!). Students take great interest in learning about pollution and its effects on marine organisms and actions they can take to make a difference. At the end of the project salmon are released in the stream at Glenwood Springs Hatchery on Orcas. 



Students follow the steps of the scientific method to hypothesize and collect data on water temperature vs dissolved oxygen levels.

Students learn salmon morphology through the dissection of a salmon.

Riffles, gravel, pools ... students create a room-long poster depicting the habitat needs of salmon.

A fallen log – an element beneficial to the salmon's habitat.

A look into our salmon tank! The eggs have hatched. The newly hatched fish (alevin) derive their nourishment from the yolk sac of the egg.

Our salmon are now at the fry stage of their life cycle.

Releasing salmon into the stream at Glenwood Hatchery on Orcas Island. An exciting Day!

"Sockeye Salmon" Student groups created informational salmon posters.

Salmon research on the iPads

Energy Saving Superheroes!

Stemming from Negawatt Media's energy saving messages shared in their books (that just happen to be written and illustrated by our very own music teacher, Anita Orne!) students worked with classroom teacher Diane to create a calendar of energy saving tips. Students shared their message and concern by distributing their calendar both far and wide.

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Our salmon are now at the fry stage of their life cycle.